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Bigviolinshop – Embracing the Legacy of Artistry!

Nestled in the heart of Kochi (Tripunithura), our flagship store echoes with the harmonious melodies that resonates from meticulously crafted violins. More than just a violin store; it’s a haven for musicians, enthusiasts, and those captivated by the timeless beauty of stringed instruments.

Founded by violin virtuoso Abhijith PS Nair, our journey began with his passion to celebrate the legacy of violin craftsmanship in early 2020. Born out of a relentless passion for music and a prodigious talent, Abhijith transformed the world of violin performances with his unparalleled artistry and technical brilliance. He has captivated audiences worldwide from a such young age with his magnetic stage presence and mesmerizing performances which has transcended mere notes, painting vibrant emotions and stories with every bow stroke. He is renowned for his mastery of live performances and musical innovations, which has left an indelible mark on the world and solidified the status as a luminary in the realm of jazz fusion. Our store embodies a profound dedication to his art of violin making and commitment to the world of music.

Abhijith’s dedication echoes through our collection, instilling the spirit of this maestro in each instrument with a piece of musical history and a touch of unparalleled artistry. Bigviolinshop stands as a testament to his enduring legacy, whose passion for music and craftsmanship continues to inspire generations.

With a lineage rooted in this young man's vision, our team comprises of seasoned luthiers across the globe whose dedication to their craft infuses every instrument that graces our collection and upholds the excellence & artistry. Our collection boasts a curated selection of instruments, each meticulously crafted to evoke the soul-stirring melodies and precision that defined Abhijith's performances.

With years of experience and a profound appreciation for the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, we pride ourselves on curating an exquisite collection of violins, violas, cellos, bows and premium accessories. Whether you're a seasoned performer, an aspiring musician, or an aficionado eager to own a masterpiece of musical history, our store invites you to explore, experience, and be inspired by the legacy that lives within the world of violins.

Beyond offering an array of instruments, we extend our expertise to personalized consultations and custom making. Our store is a one-stop destination where your musical journey gets delighted with an exceptional quality of violins and related accessories with the spirit and essence of a true maestro.

Join us at Bigviolinshop, where every instrument has a story and music finds its voice!

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