In the dynamic landscape of retail, where prices, product descriptions, and availability are subject to rapid changes, Bigviolinshop prioritizes transparency and customer trust. We do not guarantee the permanency, accuracy, or completeness of the information presented on our Site, given the dynamic nature of our industry. For an in-depth understanding of our pricing policies, we encourage you to review our comprehensive Site Terms of Use.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MRP) serves as a reference point for our customers. It's important to note that we often offer our products at prices lower than the MRP. The MRP is a benchmark enabling customers to gauge the value of our discounts in comparison to prices offered by other retailers. It's essential to recognize that the prevalence of MRP in the market can vary based on factors such as product type, geographic location, store type, and temporal considerations.

While we diligently update the MRP in our direct mail offerings and on our website, it's imperative to acknowledge that manufacturers may adjust their MRP without prior notice to us. For the most current MRP information, we recommend reaching out directly to the specific product's manufacturer.

For house or private label brands, the MRP quoted is an internally developed reference point, carefully considered in alignment with comparable name brand products. We frequently offer these products at prices lower than the quoted MRP, and it's important to understand that, for many items, no sales may have occurred at the MRP.

Our commitment to providing exceptional value extends to limited-time events. While these events are initially intended to be time-bound, the attractive prices we offer may persist beyond the designated event period.

Values associated with items labeled "free with purchase" are derived from the MRP, adding an extra layer of transparency to our offerings.

At Bigviolinshop, we understand the significance of accurate pricing information, and we strive to navigate the complexities of the retail landscape with integrity and commitment to our customers.

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