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Aubert No 5 Violin Bridge

Made in France. The Aubert Violin Bridge features moveable feet which conform automatically to changes in the top curvature, achieving a precise fit without carving the feet. Specify size and height…low, medium, high.

Original price was: ₹800.00.Current price is: ₹700.00.


The Aubert No.5 Violin Bridge is a finely crafted masterpiece designed to enhance your musical journey. This 48mm blank bridge, made from carefully selected and seasoned maple, ensures optimal performance and durability. Treated for hardness, its regular grain and straight design guarantee a smooth and balanced sound. With a standard 48mm foot distance and a normal heart, this bridge is ready to be adapted to your instrument, offering a delightful playability experience. Elevate your music with the Aubert No.5 Violin Bridge – a perfect harmony of quality and craftsmanship.
Product Features:
● Premium Maple Construction
● Optimal Sound Projection
● Hardness Treatment
● Precise Foot Distance
● Smooth Playability

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